ReForestation In The UK

 After centuries, perhaps thousands of years of taking from the forests of the UK, recently authorities have turned to reforesting areas of the UK, why so? One of the biggest topical issues of the late twentieth and early twenty first centuries has been climate change, formerly known as global warming. Why the change? Well, it was found that the Earth was not solely getting warmer..although increased global temperatures were one of the bigger symptoms of climate change. However, despite rising sea temperatures, extreme heat, and overall higher global temperatures, some areas were actually having extreme cold snaps too. Thus the term climate change has become the accepted term instead of global warming.  You may wonder: What do trees have to do with this? One source claims that a medium sized tree will sequester around one tonne of carbon dioxide by the time that it reaches 40 years of age! So, multiply that by thousands of trees, and you can see how Carbon Dioxide, one of the biggest d

Forestry Developments in the UK

 Forestry resources on the increase in the UK When it comes to forestry, the UK has been under the curse of deforestation for many centuries. As such, climate change and other problems really rose to the fore over the last one hundred years or so. However, the climate of antipathy towards renewable resources has changed over recent years, and the commitment to sustainable forestry has gained momentum. So, what has the change of attitude done to the levels of forestry in the UK? Stay tuned to our blog to examine this subject in detail over a series of articles. Of course, the types of forests that can be found right through the UK are very diverse. Whilst not having the diversity of a subtropical, tropical, or even warm temperate region especially when it comes to numbers of species per hectare, acre, or square mile....the British forests are still very diverse, mainly according to climatic zones. The South East of England, for example, has generally warmer, drier summers, given their s