3 Interesting UK Trees To Search For

 The UK is a cool temperate region, this means that it's floral diversity is much less than tropical regions where warmer temperatures support a wider range of plant and tree life.

However, UK forests remain some of the most beautiful in the world, whether it be during their lush growing period from April to October, or their abandoned look during their bare period in late Autumn to early Spring.

With that in mind, what wonderful UK trees should you be on the lookout for? Here are 3 Interesting UK trees to search for on your next ramble, or family vacation!


The British Alder Tree

The alder is a very interesting tree. The reason?

It is a dweller in Swamps and a water lover. Most trees react to excessive water with rot, and softening of the trunks. Not so with the Alder. It actually strengthens and hardens it's wood in these unfavourable conditions!

Where can you find the Alder tree? Mostly it can be found in Western Regions, and in lowland areas such as River Banks. Look out for it's beautiful catkins!

Elm Tree

The British Elm Tree

When it comes to renowned UK trees, the Elm is unspectacular but well known.

Why is it worth knowing about this common British tree? Well, it was allegedly introduced by Bronze Age Ancestors, but is now firmly entrenched in the British landscape. In addition, the Elm was once known for it's lofty heights of growth, whereas these days you may well recognise the Elm in your local hedges! Truly a versatile tree that features in your local landscape!

You will probably only find your local Elm tree in Southern England, in the aforementioned hedgerows, and occasionally in a local woodland. When you do find an elm, cast a thought back to it's rich Bronze Age History and versatility of use.


The British Holly Bush or Tree

It might seem a strange thing to add the Holly in our list of interesting UK trees to search for. However, the Holly is another versatile and. important contributor to the British landscape.

What makes the Holly so interesting? Apart from it's use in religious and festive holidays, the Holly is an evergreen tree that impresses with it's bright red berries(don't eat them!).

However, the Holly is more useful than just pleasing our eyes! It also is an important hibernating spot for hedgehogs, and also a great place for birds to shelter. So, if you enjoy native British wildlife, why not plant a Holly bush in your garden?

Where to find the Holly? If you don't already have a plethora of Holly near you, try looking in local Hedgerows, Scrub, or Woodland....it surely won't take you long to find one!

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